Hocus Pocus Lobster Edition Blue Tunes Cutting Board

395 kr

Hurray! Happy cutting boards that also works as pot coasters!
Manufactured in Sweden on a eco-labeled, generation-owned factory that has a long tradition of genuine craftsmanship.



Size: 29.5 x 19.5 cm,  6 mm hole on one short side.

Material: FSC®-certified MDF with matt surface. Made in Sweden.

Care: Do not machine wash. Rinse off quickly and dry. Should not be soaked.

Area of use: Cutting board that can also be used as a pot mat. Heat resistant up to approx. 130 degrees.

Pattern: “Hocus Pocus Lobster edition midnight blue”, “Hocus Pocus Lobster edition blue tunes”, “Abracadabra blue tunes” and “Abracadabra white”

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