Hocus Pocus Lobster Edition Blue Tones Tray

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I’ve wanted to have trays and tray tables in my design sortiment for a long time and after much searching, I have finally found a generation-owned factory in Sweden that is not only eco-labeled but also has a long tradition of genuine craftsmanship. The finest birch wood of the highest quality is used to make my trays. As always when I do something, quality and durability are of paramount importance.

These trays are made from several sheets of FSC®-certified birch veneer that are folded by hand before being pressed together under high pressure and heat. The motif is protected by a melamine-based surface layer, which makes the surface durable and heat-resistant. The products are dishwasher safe, but the surface stays nice longer if you wash by hand.

The trays are available in three sizes; Round with diameter 65 cm, round with diameter 49 cm and octagonal in dimensions 50 x 22 cm. For the largest round tray, there is a handmade stand to be able to use it as a smart tray table. Our table stands are made out of steel in Sweden and are available in black or white, designed for the 65 cm tray. The table stands are foldable. Hight: 53 cm

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Tray Octagonal 50 x 22 cm, Tray Round 49 cm, Tray Round 65 cm, Tray Round 65 cm With White Stand, Tray Round 65 cm With Black Stand