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Four patterns sculpted by hand from recycled craft. Printed as scarves and handkerchiefs in absolutely devine qualities!
In my art, the greatest inspiration is joy, originality and quality. When I decided to create exclusive designes the premises remained the same. After much searching I found a lovely silk printing company in Italy where experience runs through generations. In the beautiful surroundings by Lake Como they have printed my patterns. On 100% exclusive silk of best quality as a scarf (90 x 90 cm) and pocket square (31 x 31 cm). And in a larger model (140 x 140 cm)
which is printed on a blend of 70% of the finest wool and 30% magnificent silk. They are delivered in a completely adorable Swedish made gift box!

Swedish Designed colorful pocket squares made out of 100% exclusive silk. Beautiful and luxurious pocket squares to wear with jackets and blazers. This is a collection of beautiful and fine pocket squares with art print inspired by the artist Charlotte Olsson.

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