“The plastic heart” has moved from Landvetter Airport to Tingshuset, Vara. If you look at me you’ll have a better understanding of how big the fireplace actually is and the size of the sculpture.

In the summer of 2017 I sculpted this large heart of plastic waste collected from the oceans all over the world. But I was not alone.. I had help from Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York, Leif Pagrotsky, Ola Skinnarmo, Johan Elmander, Agneta Sjödin, Mikkey Dee, Team Anna, Lasse Gustavsson, and many more. The purpose of the sculpture is to pay attention to the environmental problems in the Ocean. 

This house is the perfect home for my precious heart. In good company with Alexander Klingspor to the left and Lars Lerin to the right.The money for “The Plastic Heart” will go to The Perfect World Foundation.

Love C