After the success of her champagne pen launch the artist Charlotte Olsson has joined the pen-company Ballograf in another exclusive design project. It’s Ballograf’s classic model Deskset, which now is adorned with Charlottes wondeful heart motifves.

Just like in Charlottes art, the original pattern for this pen is made from 100% recycled material. Hand-knotted laces and embroidery for exemple. She has a great passion for the real thing. Handmade. Unique. Quality. The pink / red color scale stands for passion. The heart as a symbol speaks for itself. There are so much misery on earth. That’s why Charlotte wants to spread as much joy and love as she can! The base of the pen is white with gold-plated details and around you see the artist’s classic hearts. Charlotte hopes that many love letters will be written with the pen!

When Charlotte was asked by Ballograf if she wanted to shape a pencil for them, the answer was of course yes, because this is a company she really admires. Already in 1945, Ballograf started production in a garage in Gothenburg and today they can proudly be Sweden’s only pen manufacturer. Over the years, they have continuously developed and improved their products, so it is with good conscience they leave lifetime warranty on each pen. A sustainable thinking for a sustainable future, which fits well with Charlottes own values. The Deskset was first launched in 1961, and has become a real classic over the years. Manufacturing still takes place in Sweden and the assembly is done by hand in seven steps.