The recycling artist Charlotte Olsson has made a unique collaboration with the pencil company Ballograf. It’s their classic model “deskset” which now is dazzling from the artist’s exhilarating champagne motif. The launch will take place at the Book Fair in Gothenburg 2017.

“When Ballograf’s CEO Peter Orrgren asked me if I wanted to design a pen for them, of course the answer was yes, because this is a company that I really admire. In 1945 Ballograf started their production in a garage in Gothenburg and today they are Sweden’s only pen manufacturer. Over the years, they have continuously developed and improved their products and therefore it is with good conscience they leave lifetime warranty on every pen and bullet pen that leaves their factory. A sustainable thinking for a sustainable future, which fits very well with my own personal values.” Says Charlotte Olsson.

The deskset was launched for the first time in 1961. Over the years it has become synonymous with the brand Ballograf. Manufacturing still takes place in Sweden and the assembly takes place in seven steps, carried out by hand at the factory in Västra Frölunda. The artist Charlotte Olsson also has her base in Gothenburg, which means that this is a local-produced collaboration. Something that Charlotte thinks feels amazing as it contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

The base of the pen is black with gold-plated details and printed on it is Charlotte Olsson’s classic champagne bottles swirl. The original pattern is sculpted from recycled materials like all of Charlottes art. In this case old crafts such as laces and embroidery. Charlotte sculpted the pattern on a large round clock that no longer worked and then it has been reduced to fit the deskset. To make that extra touch the artist has hand painted small gold details, making each pen a very unique little piece of art.

“I carefully thought about what motif I would choose for the pattern. About seven years ago my interest in the period between the wars called “La Belle Epoque” started. It was an era of peace and prosperity in Europe from the late 1800s to the beginning of World War I. The European art had its glory days and the champagne parties never ended. The playfulness of the champagne bubbles inspires me a lot. Magic! Joy! Party! When I started bubbling I just could not stop. It’s about spreading positive vibration. I hope you will enjoy this pen!”