I only make art as one original. No prints or copies. That’s because there is not two alike handmade laces or two alike hand-carved frames. They are all original just like us humans.

Many customers come to me with their private material and I create the most personal art. Instead of their inheritance creating anxiety in the attic, I create something beautiful for them to have on their wall.

A woman came to me with her ​​bridal veil that took up a lot of space in her closet. Now it’s a groovy cream cake on the wall of her dining room. Something to enjoy every day!

Two mothers in law came to me with laces and other personal items from both families. I wove them together into a heart-painting. On the wedding day they held a joint speech to their children and talked about how families now were intertwined. It was very emotional and a more personal gift can not be found. It was a great honor for me to do this project.

I have also done similar projects for Official environments such as restaurants and hotels with successful results.

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